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Providing support to Not-for-Profit and Charitable organizations through consultations, workshops, and information which develop community capacity and sustainability.

Volunteer Hanna continues to provide up to date resources and assistance to Hanna’s not-for-profit organizations and community volunteers. Most of our services are free and include:

• Accurate and confidential referral to services and supports
• Training and technical support to utilize www.aroundhanna.com
• Risk management information, resources and assistance
• Access to computers with high speed internet and resource library
• Use of audio/visual equipment (TV/VCR/DVD, LCD projectors and SMART Board)
• Facilitation and personalized presentations to agencies, organizations and groups
• Workshops, seminars and training opportunities
• Assistance with researching grants and applications
• Connecting volunteers and organizations to opportunities, resources and information

Funding Resources


Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta

Hanna Volunteer Association would like to express thanks to the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta for its financial support.

Since 1992, the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta has been creating customized philanthropic solutions. This occurs, by bringing together people who care about our community, regional charities, while building and sustaining a strong and vibrant community.   In the simplest terms we focus on improving the communities in our area by pooling charitable gifts to create permanent endowment funds and making responsible grants with the investment income. In this way the gift is never spent and provides a continuous stream of charitable revenue for the community.

KnowledgeConnector helps your organization assess its goals, resources and ways of enhancing its capacity and continuing to support your community. KnowledgeConnector.ca offers a “one-stop shop” for learning opportunities for the non-profit/voluntary sector. Through searchable listings, organizations and individuals can find targeted learning opportunities in line with their specific interest, needs and training objectives. Opportunities found through KnowledgeConnector are delivered in a number of ways – in person, online or through videoconferencing. Go to KnowledgeConnector.ca to get started.


SCiP (Serving Communities Internship Program)
How do you grow Alberta communities? Easy. Simply add interns. SCiP provides post secondary students with important opportunities to develop their specialized skills and gain meaningful work experience, all while giving non-profit/voluntary organizations access to a pool of talented individuals. Find out more: joinscip.ca


building stronger, more connected community groups and citizens through support, training, assistance and referral.



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