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Be part of a Community Action Team (CAT) and encourage volunteer-driven community development in our community.

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What is a Community Action Team?
• Empowers groups of solution-oriented individuals or organizations to act, taking ownership to strengthen the community.
• These are not never-ending “committees” – they are action-oriented, and the CAT is dissolved when the action has been completed.
• CAT’s are one of many ongoing efforts throughout the community to help the transition tied to the closure of the Sheerness Mine and Sheerness Generating Station.

What are the desired outcomes of the Community Action Team?
The individual teams will help move the community towards one of the three strategic directions:
• Build or strengthen local capacity to move through transition efforts
• Mitigate the potential impacts of the Mine and Generating Station closure
• Capitalize on future opportunities that will help diversify the local economy

Who can form a Community Action Team?
• Anyone with an interest in helping make the community stronger (whether you are an individual, a business, or an organization).
• You play the role that is right for you within a CAT. You may be the champion of the idea, or you may simply want to support through your time or your expertise.

When do I apply to be a part of a Community Action Team?
• Anytime – the process is ongoing and whenever you have an idea on how you want to take action in the community, that is the right time to talk about organizing a CAT.
• The Process:

CAT Chart

How do I get involved?
Contact the Hanna Learning Centre to set up an initial meeting to discuss your idea and determine how to proceed:
Phone: 403-854-2099
Connect with your colleagues, friends, family, and neighbours to think about what’s possible!

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