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October 12, 2018:
• On Wednesday October 10th, 2018 the Hanna Learning Centre along with Urban Systems convened over 20 participants to discuss their thoughts on “buy local”. To view presentation, click here
• Throughout the evening there was great conversation towards creating a deeper understanding of what “buy local” programs and initiatives are and how they can positively impact a community.
• Given the passion in the room, there will be a second meeting held to think through what a campaign for a support local initiative could be. From there, a Community Action Team (CAT) will have great direction on some actionable tasks towards a 12-month support local campaign for our community.
Next Meeting:
Date: Wednesday October 17th, 2018
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: Hanna Learning Centre (HLC) Upstairs Board Room
RVSP: HLC 403.854.2099 by Tuesday, Oct 16

• We have had a number of productive discussions with local citizens interested in organizing Community Action Teams. The Livestock Hub is continuing to move forward. Further approved projects, including those under serious investigation, have included the introduction of a system of alternative care (Eden Alternative) to enhance seniors care within the region; the organization of a youth social resiliency strategy; the organization of a birding guide for the area, and the exploration of adding social planning services for the region.
• With our CAT efforts underway we are always keen to support individuals in their efforts to explore and pursue innovative development ideas within the region.

August 15, 2018 Service Provider Summary
On August 15, the HLC, Cactus Corridor, and Urban Systems convened key business service providers to discuss the Hanna business community impediments and needs and to further clarify how each unique service provider can support local businesses.

Attendees ranged from local service providers that are based in Hanna, to provincial service providers. There was discussion of how they can assist the Hanna business community.

“It was great to see the organizations come together to support this initiative. It’s through these great organizations and their people as to why the business environment in Hanna will continue to improve,” said Doray Veno the Executive Director of the Hanna Learning Centre.

All attendees provided great feedback and clarified their roles within the region, candidly identified their own challenges, and generated some ideas as to how we collectively can improve services and programs, and how we may find innovative ways to deliver new supports.

Business Ecosystem Updates
As one piece of the transitional efforts the Task Force is undertaking, Urban Systems has been working with the Hanna Learning Centre and Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation on several initiatives as they relate to the business ecosystem within Hanna.

This undertaking has been broad to engage as many willing businesses and business service providers to participate. As such, there have been over 20 businesses participate in one-on-one conversations within the community and a group discussion with 7 businesses attending. In addition to this, we had 30 individuals represent their business interests through our online survey. All of this feedback was well received and has been collated into our “Business Needs Determination Brief”.

Given the direct feedback from the business community, the collective team then sought to meet and discuss with a variety of business service providers that support the Hanna area. Through this exercise, there was nearly 20 one-on-one, in-person and/or phone conversations with these service providers; that ranged from those services directly located in Hanna, to provincial organizations.

From these discussions, it was prudent to call a group meeting with these providers to discuss some findings and thoughts, as they relate to business community’s needs. On August 15 we convened these service providers in Hanna. Many of the organizations are willing to play bigger roles to cooperate and work to identify any real or perceived gaps and how we may fulfill the demands of the business community. From these extensive responses, a document is being created that encompasses the above business needs, the service providers, gaps, and recommendation for a positive path forward as it relates to the private sector development of Hanna.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who’s supported this initiative. Although this is only one piece of the overall transitional efforts proposed by the Task Force, it is priority initiative. We hope that we can continue to engage everyone as we jointly work towards positive change for the business ecosystem and private sector development for Hanna and area.

Business Needs Determination Brief

Business Start-ups, Growth and Investment
• Our efforts to support entrepreneurial and business development within the region will take on another dedicated effort in the upcoming weeks. Specifically, we will be engaging the local business community (including those who may be interested in pursuing a business venture) to seek their thoughts and ideas in terms of some of the challenges they are facing in their efforts to grow and prosper within the region.
• Further with a focus on Value Added Agriculture, Tourism, and Health and Wellness, we are also seeking input into what business opportunities might offer particular potential within the region.
• Subsequently we will be engaging a variety of the region’s local business service providers to see if there are ways in which the needs of businesses can be more fully addressed. To this end the following events and activities are proposed:
  • July 17, 2018 individual one on one discussions with businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • July 26, 2018 focus group discussions with business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Online business and entrepreneur survey.

Ensuring Business Supports to Help Local Business are Successful
• We are working with all the service providers (local, private sector as well as regional, provincial and Federal) to ensure that all interested entrepreneurs and businesses have access to a wide range of supports. As part of this initiative our team will provide the business service providers with a detailed briefing outlining the needs and concerns of local entrepreneurs and businesses, in an effort to adjust, refine and/or add new programs to meet the needs in the community.

Hanna Business Development press release

Get involved in a Community Action Team!

To set up a time to discuss your idea, contact the Hanna Learning Centre to set up a time that works for you:
Phone: 403-854-2099

• Since these public consultations, 40+ one-on-one meetings have been conducted with community members and organizations.

Town Hall Meeting

Livestock Hub press release
• Over 150 people came together for an inspiring conversation of what’s possible from Doug Griffiths and an update from Mayor Warwick Climate Change Strategy Taskforce, ATCO, Westmoreland, and Urban Systems on February 12.
• Over 60 people came together on February 15 for a Community Action Team (CAT) workshop and to consider what’s possible for the community.

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February 12 Meeting

February 12 Meeting